FIFA and eSports

FIFA and eSports

In Chicago late of 2016, there was a huge sports championship that drew in over 43 million viewers during its finals. Funny this was millions more than those that sat and watched the 2016 NBA finals. If your thinking it was soccer or football or even chess your wrong. Instead, it was the world finals for the e-sports competition for “league of legends”.

Video games have gained so much popularity in the build-up of 30 years. The e-sports has come up the ladder that has been known to draw in thousands of spectators. It has got so big that major sports networks like FOX Sports and ESPN have got on board and are already broadcasting e-sports contests. EA Sports and Blizzard got on the team as well and partnered up with the sports networks to help bring in more of this phenomenon.

Is e-sports gaining popularity?

People think it’s crazy to sit and watch other players competing in video games. It is found that many spectators play the games themselves and though they can relate to the other players they also tend to watch someone else playing to gain more knowledge about the particular game and learn how to achieve more skills to the game in question.

E-sports offers more excitement some people find watching cricket to be boring or that of chess and poker. E-sports is fast pacing, gets your adrenaline rushing, and there is so much real-life action and sounds on the screen you can’t take your eyes off it. It takes a turn from watching traditional sports in your lounge room.

Regarding the market growing, we are looking at exceeding $1 billion in 2019. To pay for the rights to cover the competition there is a price of around 100 million. You then have the customers that are paying around 64 million in merchandise and tickets alone. In the market of just North America and China combined actually account for more than half of the total global e-sports income. A feature with e-sports is that everyday people can go home and play the games themselves and compete in multi-player tournaments. Using a server such as steam allows you to play league of legends in your own home. Gaining the ability to learn new techniques and gather more expertise on the game itself by watching top-level players and using their skills to adapt to their own game at home.

E-sports is additive to watch, and you’ll find yourself calling into the store on the way home from a competition to purchase the game yourself and train hard to be as good as these other players. With so much profit and people’s interests, the games have been turned into leagues. Call of duty, overwatch and FIFA all have been put into leagues.

E-sports is gaining more and more popularity each time someone gets interested in it.With the help of technology, world wide web and social platforms, all added to bring e-sports into the reality of worldwide acceptance of entertainment.

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